Our story began right here in Northern NSW, central to the growth of our business was the co-operative which was established in Byron Bay in 1895. It was to become the stem of the family tree and, in the flux of time, absorb all of the other co-operatives as well as the proprietary interests. After a series of name changes we became NORCO in 1926. Synonymous with the history of the Far North Coast NORCO became a base that supported the region's economy.


Today we remain a diverse agricultural Co-operative committed to building our financial strength and stability, which includes enhancing the economic vitality and diversity of the rural and regional communities in which we operate, securing a sustainable supply chain and developing win-win partnerships in the markets that we serve.

We employ over 700 people and are committed to maintaining our proud history for years to come. Today we salute our forefathers, we hope we made you proud.

Being a Norco farmer is a labour of love. The proof is the way our farmers love and care for their cows is in the high quality, award winning dairy products we produce. From

our farms to your fridge, we take the very best care to ensure our products live up

to the great quality you've come to expect.


Norco Milk is a creamy and delicious choice when looking for a healthy beverage for your family. A single serve of Norco Milk contains over 10 essential nutrients and vitamins including Calcium, Protein, Zinc, and Phosphorus. The nutrients found in Norco Milk are important for healthy blood, nervous and immune systems, eyesight,
muscle and nerve function, healthy skin, energy levels, and growth and repair in all parts of your body. From our lush green farms to your fridge, we take the very best care to ensure our fresh milk lives up to the superior quality you’ve come to expect.

It's that time of morning again, the girls are up and ready for the day. For some the work week starts on a Monday. At Norco, our love of dairy has us up at the crack of dawn, 365 days a year to provide our valued consumers with the award winning dairy products they love.
Our farmers’ children are learning valuable skills that will last a lifetime. We’re proud to say we’ve been a 100% Australian, farmer owned dairy co-operative since 1895 and we hope to stay that way for many more generations to come.

'1st June 2016 was World Milk Day. So raise a glass of the good stuff to all the men and women who do the hard yards for the Aussie dairy industry. Here's to our Poppy Don, a Norco Milk man all his life, and still going! - Woodenbong, New South Wales'

Food Service


Norco is dedicated to assisting food service professionals by providing the fresh, high quality dairy products we know Australian consumer demand. Our range is designed to meet the specialised requirements of customers whether they are a café, restaurant, hotels, catering etc. In addition to our milk range, Norco can also provide customers with


Thick Cream | Yoghurt | Cream | Sour Cream | Butter 


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